Elect United Together at the 2021 OFL Convention

Accomplishments – Ahmad Gaied

Ahmad Gaied
  • An active member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) Ontario Canada Chapter, regularly volunteering for youth summer camp programs and organizing fundraisers to support post-secondary education for black women.

  • A perpetual ally of striking workers, most recently standing in solidarity with postal workers from CUPW, Tropicana workers with SEIU, and education workers from ETFO, OECTA, OSSTF, and AEFO on picket lines across Ontario.

  • Leads the work of the Ontario Federation of Labour’s equity committees and online convention efforts.

  • A consistent and longstanding opponent of police carding and brutality, participating in rallies, webinars, and many other events addressing these issues. Submitted recommendations for progressive reform as part of Justice Tulloch’s police checks review, and provided anti-racism resources to OFL affiliates to discuss policing matters with members.

  • Achieved a surplus of over $700,000 for the Ontario Federation of Labour during a global pandemic. This was accomplished through cautious budgeting and diligent monitoring of revenues and expenditures.

  • Participated in international actions and brought solidarity to issues of fairness for Indian farmers and Belarusian voters.