Elect United Together at the 2021 OFL Convention

Accomplishments – Janice Folk-Dawson

Janice Folk-Dawson
  • Facilitated the work of the OFL’s health and safety committees, bringing together diverse, lived experiences to produce tools, resources, and supports for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and getting these resources into the hands of workers.

  • Brought together workers, students, families, and community allies from the childcare to post-secondary education sectors to address the needs of education during COVID-19 and to advocate for a fully publicly funded education system, from cradle to grave.

  • Provided opportunities for awareness and understanding, developing one-on-one relationships, and facilitated hands-on actions in collaboration with the Indigenous community.

  • Built the membership of federation committees, ensuring active participation in the development of campaigns, events, and materials. Acted as a conduit between committees and the OFL Executive Board, ensuring information flows both ways and campaigns are shared widely.

  • Worked with Ontario’s labour councils and community allies, such as Justice for Workers, to execute provincial actions in cities across the province.

  • Promoted two-way relationships between labour councils and committees with elected NDP MPPs either in their community or as critics to their respective portfolios. This has strengthened the work and confidence of the committees and councils, as they now have a direct link that ensures their perspectives are heard.