Elect United Together at the 2021 OFL Convention

Accomplishments – Patty Coates

Patty Coates
  • Led the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) through a global pandemic while instituting an organization-wide anti-oppression review and implementing corresponding recommendations.

  • Served as a leading voice for the Ontario labour movement’s advocacy efforts for Paid Sick Days, in partnership with OFL affiliates and community allies.

  • A consistent champion of women's rights in the Ontario union movement, and a driving force in campaigning for an additional equity seat on the OFL Executive Board.

  • Spearheaded digital activism among Ontario’s unions in recognition of the need for effective organizing.

  • Played an instrumental role in drastically improving the financial health of the OFL, ensuring that the federation is well-resourced for the upcoming election.

  • Currently leading the charge on the fight back against Bill 124 (wage-suppression legislation), bringing together over 40 OFL affiliates and community groups to launch a legal Charter challenge against this draconian bill.

  • Actively working with affiliates and coalitions, including Gig Workers United, to prevent app-based companies from continually exploiting workers in gig economy.