Elect United Together at the 2021 OFL Convention

Endorsements – Janice Folk-Dawson

I have had the honour of working with Janice for over 30 years. In that time, Janice has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the principle of solidarity – inside and outside of the labour movement. Across sectors, and across unions, Janice has shown up for countless picket lines, rallies, and demonstrations. She has shown herself to be a fierce advocate and a loyal friend – someone who we are all lucky to have standing in our corner. In her first term, Janice has made an incredible contribution to Ontario’s labour movement and has helped to transform the OFL into a fighting organization. That is why I am proud to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for re-election as OFL Executive Vice-President.

Michael Hurley
President, Ontario Council of Hospital Unions

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse my good friend and comrade, Janice Folk-Dawson, for the position of OFL Executive Vice-President. I have known and worked with Janice for over a decade and have come to know Janice as a true worker’s worker. In her decades of leadership in our movement, Janice has never forgotten her roots on the shop floor and her work and dedication to our movement clearly reflect that. Whether it’s holding a meeting to plan an upcoming workshop, leading rallies, or shutting down a workplace in support of striking workers, Janice has always been there for every worker, equity-seeker, union, and lost soul in our movement. Along with her co-officers, Janice has restored militancy, leadership, and advocacy at the OFL. We need that important and vital work to continue! I hope you’ll join me in casting your vote for another two years of strong leadership from Janice!

David Simao
Chair, CUPE Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee

Janice is a true activist and is a proven leader not only through her endless commitment to the labour movement, but through her grassroots activism as well. Any time support is needed, Janice meets the call and shows up every single time. I am excited and honoured to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for re-election as Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Kelly Belbin
President, COPE Local 343

Janice understands that connection, knowledge, and timely representation are crucial to effective committee work. She is a master at creating connections, genuinely engaging with people, and making sure that workers’ needs are reflected in OFL projects. Thanks to Janice’s involvement and generous sharing of knowledge, skills, and experience, the work that the OFL Health and Safety Committee has accomplished has been phenomenal. It is my great honour to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for re-election as Executive Vice-President of the OFL.

Andréane Chénier
Health & Safety Specialist, CUPE

I have had the privilege of working with Janice Folk-Dawson for over 20 years through her involvement with the Guelph and District Labour Council. Her actions over the years have revealed her deep commitment to solidarity. When our members have been on the picket lines, Janice has always been there to show her support, and to rally the support of the community. Janice doesn’t pay lip service - she steps into the breech and stands shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight. That is why the Workers United Canada Council is proud to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson and the United Together team for OFL Executive. Janice Folk-Dawson, Patty Coates and Ahmed Gaied are the team of leaders we need at the OFL to stand up to the attacks our members are facing.

Barry Fowlie
Director, Workers United Canada Council

Ever since the Doug Ford Conservatives came to power, we have seen reckless and unprecedented cuts to services, the rise of hate, and interference in free collective bargaining. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that this government is more concerned with helping big corporations than working people.

As we move to recover from this pandemic, we need strong leaders with the ability to think outside the box. Everything Janice Folk-Dawson does is rooted in her dedication to the common good. She is a social justice warrior committed to improving conditions for not only workers, but all members of society. Her vision, passion, creativity, and endless energy ensure that no stone is left unturned, no scenario is left unexplored, and no opportunity is missed. Janice is fearless and true to her word, and she embodies all the qualities of a true leader. I whole-heartedly endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for re-election as Executive Vice-President at the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Scott Reynold
President, CUPE Local 1334

Janice understands and values the roots of labour in Ontario, including the grassroots level and working with allies. She leads by example and works in coalition and consensus, which captures the true essence of our labour movement. Janice has spent decades advocating for workers and her community, and I know she will continue to be a strong Executive Vice President for the Ontario Federation of Labour.  

Tiffany Balducci
President, Durham Region Labour Council

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for the position of OFL Executive Vice-President. Janice and I have worked together as Labour Council presidents, OFL Vice Presidents, and labour activists for the past decade. Janice has been a fierce advocate for workers rights in her community and across the province. Her ability to build capacity at the grassroots level has allowed workers without a voice to claim their space. She has also encouraged many new activists to “walk the walk” and join our movement for equity and inclusion for all workers.

Michele McCleave-Kennedy
President, Sault Ste Marie and District Labour Council

For the past two years, it has been an amazing pleasure to work with Janice Folk-Dawson. Her enthusiasm and support for 1492 LandBack Lane has been instrumental in changing the way Indigenous people see the labor movement. Whenever the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Circle ask for the Ontario Federation of Labour’s support, Janice is the first to not only offer help but also to ask what needs to be done. Her outstanding organizational skills and unwavering commitment to working people have ensured that every advocacy event is successful. I am honored to endorse Janice Folk-Dawson for re-election as OFL Executive Vice-President.

Krista Maracle
OFL Vice President – First Nations, Métis & Inuit Circle
Chair, OPSEU Indigenous Circle