Elect United Together at the 2021 OFL Convention

Priorities – United Together

United Together
  • Build the collective power and solidarity of workers across Ontario by working with unions, labour councils, and community partners to drive a just recovery that reshapes our province and puts workers and communities first.

  • Continue to support affiliates in building a better Ontario by pushing for good jobs, paid sick leave, tax fairness, and an end to precarious work.

  • Support progressive and worker-friendly political candidates to ensure that workers’ voices fill the Ontario legislature.

  • Continue to advocate for climate justice and reconciliation for Indigenous peoples. 

  • Advance our ongoing efforts to fight systemic racism and work to raise up black, Indigenous, and racialized voices across our movement and our province.

  • Continue to build the capacity, membership, and resources of OFL committees and labour councils. This will require removing all barriers and ensuring that equity is at the heart of the OFL. It will also entail implementing recommendations from the federation’s anti-oppression review and developing sustained education, training, and accountability structures.

  • Ensure a consistent presence at Queen’s Park among officers and staff to keep pressure on the sitting government and to build relationships with other parties committed to advancing a pro-worker agenda.

  • To secure a just recovery for all, we need to organize and mobilize - on the ground and online - to increase union density and create structures that include allies and community partners in the development of fight-back strategies.

  • Increase the campaign budget line so that we can amplify affiliates’ campaigns and better develop and implement OFL campaigns.

  • Confront the climate crisis while ensuring diverse worker voices are central to any just recovery strategy.